Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sri Lanka: LTTE's last stand - Sri Lankan President

Source: President Mahinda Rajapaksa Speaks at The Gallantry Award Ceremony Held at the BMICH

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It is well known that our independence and sovereignty have been in danger in the recent past. The people of this country found a viable medium in the last Presidential Election to safeguard the endangered sovereignty and independence of our country. That victory, achieved by our people to make their independence meaningful, was a success for democracy.

It is our bounden duty to make them realize their sovereign and independent aspirations. Our own independence struggle would provide the necessary insights in showing the way forward for us to safeguard our independence and sovereignty.

Our independence struggle was not waged for one community, one group or one party alone. That struggle was carried out collectively by all communities together including the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Malay peoples. That was an effort for our motherland in which all can live together in peace and harmony.

History has it that we rose as one nation whenever we stood together, shedding our party, ethnic and group differences. No force could deny our independence. Over 2500 years of history bears testimony to this fact. I wish to reaffirm this fact on this significant occasion. We, therefore, are engaged in the responsible task of uniting all Sri Lankans with a view to fulfilling the aspirations of the people.

We are also engaged in the task of mobilizing all political parties for the purpose of making freedom of the people more meaningful. United we will achieve freedom. Divided we will be entrapped.

We remember with deep respect and gratitude all heroes who made the supreme sacrifice for the country. We pledge not to betray this respect and the trust people have placed in us to safeguard the independence and sovereignty of this country.

Recently a father of a 21 year old girl whose innocent life was taken away by ruthless LTTE terrorists lifted his hands into the air and made a wish that the scourge of terrorism should be wiped out of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has set an example to other countries on how to deal with terrorists & in the future they will learn from us.

We should create an environment where our children go to school freely without any fear.

This was the LTTE's last fight, this is their last. There is no turning back and no one can turn us back.