Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goodnight from Sydney: Sri Lanka - the hypocrisy of the LTTE

Photo: Taken at the Willoughby Street Fair a few months back

Terrorists are funny people. They are all for freedom of speech as long as it is only applies to their "cause".

Take the LTTE for example, formerly known as the Tamil Tigers. I am willing to let their representatives have their say, (as long as the responses do not promote or endorse violence and acts of terrorism), yet that does not satisfy certain individuals.

I have been asked, "How much grub do you get paid per post for acting as mouthpiece for this evil govt soaked in the blood of thousands of innocents??do you really have a good time with the bloodstained dollars?" ( see Sri Lanka: The LTTE's game of percentages )

Ironic that he/she should talk about bloodstains,after all in one of the deadliest attacks against civilians, a claymore antipersonnel mine attack by the LTTE on June 15, 2006 on a bus carrying 140 civilians, killed 68 people including 15 children, and injured 60 others.

It is the same group that hacked to death a young mother, then kidnapped her infant the following day.

Of course there have been atrocities committed by government forces as well - there is no denying that. However, the Sri Lankan government is not a proscribed terrorist organisation - the LTTE is - by 32 countries.

I am however willing to answer the question asked of me. Nothing. Unlike the LTTE who according to the respected Jane's Intelligence Review, raise up to $300 million a year through various methods, including international credit card fraud and extortion. They also took advantage of the human suffering caused by the 2004 tsunami, by setting up fake charities.

Perhaps I shouldn't be too hard on the poster who asked the question. After all it could be one of the children the LTTE have used to fight their battles.

Wherever you may be - be safe