Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goodnight from Sydney: The Sacrifice

On Tuesday I took a rare trip to the city on business and decided the opportunity to have some time for myself was too good to miss. It was a grey, drizzly old day but not enough to but a damper on my spirits or the occasion.

I headed towards Hyde Park, and eventually to the ANZAC War Memorial. In the Hall of Silence stands one of the most powerful and poignant sculptures I have seen anywhere.

The sculpture is called The Sacrifice and can be viewed from above, or at ground level. As you stand with others gazing down of the slain warrior, the air is heavy with silence and emotion. Each person seems to release a little of their own feelings into the air to share with others.

As its name suggests, the sculpture represents sacrifice. The piece comprises a bronze group of sculptures depicting the recumbent figure of a young warrior who has made the supreme sacrifice. His body lies upon a shield supported by three women - his Mother, Wife and Sister. In the arms of one is a child, the future generations for whom the sacrifice has been made.
The sculpture not only says a lot - it also poses a lot of questions.

Wherever you may be - be safe