Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bilateral Relations: Ukraine seeks to woo Turkmenistan

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, says her government intends to overcome the crisis in the relations between Ukraine and Turkmenistan that occurred in recent years. The statement on it was released by Timoshenko’s press office on January 14, a REGNUM correspondent informs.

“Within last three years, the relations between Ukraine and Turkmenistan have been ruined completely. The way the government was building the relations is nonsense,” Yulia Timoshenko believes. According to her, at the current stage, there several disputed issues in the relations of the two countries, which dissatisfy the Turkmen side, and “now we shall be overcoming the crisis step by step.” He Ukrainian prime minister pointed it out that the new government treats Turkmenistan as a country that can provide for diversification of the gas supplies to Ukraine and in this context she reiterated her intention to switch to direct gas supplies to the country by moving away the gas middleman

Source: REGNUM News Agency