Thursday, December 06, 2007

The McCanns: The road to Justice, pitted with lies and deceit

The previous article on the McCanns is now getting unwieldy, with almost 350 on-topic comments, so it is time to start afresh.

For seven long months, the search for justice has been a journey along a road filled with twists and turns, lies and deceit. A damage control exercise of unprecedented proportion - the main objectives being the denial of justice for a little girl and the protection of those who know the answers to what lies behind this tragedy.

As Christmas approaches many people find themselves thinking of their own loved ones - past and present. Yet at the same time, we can not stop thinking about a small child we have never met. It is said that the whereabouts of the McCanns is unknown - but tragically and more importantly, so too is the whereabouts of Madeleine.

While the McCanns have enjoyed protection from those whose mandate is to look after the interests of all, not just a chosen few, Madeleine remains as unprotected as the night of May 3.

We hope and pray that Maddy may spend Christmas at rest, and that those who are responsible for her plight feel the full force of Justice - and will feel it for a very long time.

Whoever is responsible, may their names be forever sullied and uttered with hatred and disdain. Let Madeleine's name remain in our hearts as a name that has bought together so many people, from so many different backgrounds and environments, to fight for the truth and justice so many have tried to deny her.

For six months, this blog has let "the people" speak. Now, let Justice speak.

Let it roar so loud it's voice echoes around the world striking fear into the hearts of those who betrayed Madeleine, but comfort to those who had the courage to speak while the gutless powers-that-be, remained silent.