Sunday, December 02, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Girls - Think U Know CEOP

Recently the mother of British girl Samantha Osborn got in touch with me after she was made aware of "threats" I had received from David Manning - Samantha's boyfriend.

Representing himself as Samantha's solicitor, he asked me to remove material from my blog relating to Samantha. I told him to get stuffed.

For one thing I didn't have content on Samantha Osborn, secondly, as far as I am aware, solicitors do not send emails written all in capital letters! Gawd love us. I don't take kindly to be being threatened - especially after I found out he has been threatening Samantha's family and school friends. Correspondence between myself and Manning has been handed to the parent's solicitors and to a journalist with the Daily Mail.

Mrs Osborn has asked me to let as many people know about a video called Girls - Think U Know CEOP that warns of the dangers of online grooming.

The video is heart wrenching and I agree with those who have said it should be shown on television - and in schools.

On that note...

Wherever you may be - be safe