Saturday, December 08, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Christmas delayed

That's not too bad, lighting the Christmas tree four days before Christmas!

So far we have reminisced about Christmas songs and Christmas movies - tonight I am going to take you on another trip down memory lane - only this time, slightly more personalised.

What is your favourite Christmas smell from the past?

My choice is easy. Tangerines - for two reasons.

One of my earliest memories goes back to a time long ago when I had the same amount of hair as I do now. I have this very distinct memory of being carried downstairs and into a lounge full of decorations. I suppose at the time I didn't know that the smell I encountered was the sweet aroma of tangerines. Ever since then, the smell of tangerines conjures up that image of Christmas long ago.

The second reason, I can blame on Dean Martin. Our house was always full of music and as a nipper my parents bought a Dean Martin Latin LP. I still have the LP and the distinctive cover featuring Dean dressed as a bullfighter. That LP always seemed to be played at Christmas and one of the tracks is called, "Tangerine".

I guess you can also add the smell of roast pork!

Wherever you may be - be safe