Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bilateral Relations: Libya and Iran sign ten agreements

Iran and Libya have signed 10 economic, trade and cultural agreements during Iran's vice president trip to Tripoli. Cooperation between the two countries will also extend to Latin America.

Davoudi in a joint press conference along with the Libyan prime minister Baghdadi Ali El-Mahmoudi noted Iranian experts soon would start various projects in Libya and hoped to witness that country's participation in Iran's plans.

Davoudi also met with Libya's foreign minister Abdelrahman Mohammed Shalgam during which Shalgam emphasised the necessity of expanding bilateral ties. The foreign minister noted the two countries enjoy close attitudes over many issues including Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon.

"Talks between the two countries' officials can be influential in alleviating global problems particularly in the world of Islam," he added while voicing Libya's support of Iran's legal and nuclear positions.