Sunday, December 02, 2007

Aid: US Military continues relief work in Bangladesh

The U.S. military is continuing its relief efforts in cyclone-hit Bangladesh, with the delivery of much-needed supplies and medical care.

U.S. Admiral Carol Pottenger , stationed on the navy vessel USS Kearsarge, said Friday that U.S. forces have delivered over 45,000 liters of water and 33,000 kilograms of food, clothing, blankets and other supplies..

The USS Kearsarge has been anchored off the southern coast of Bangladesh for nearly a week, providing aid via helicopters to some of the nearly two million people displaced by Cyclone Sidr.

The powerful storm slammed into Bangladesh's southern coastal area two weeks ago, killing around 3,500 people.

Admiral Pottenger says medical teams have seen more than 600 patients, most with water borne diseases or traumatic injuries.

U.S. military officials say they are not in Bangladesh for the long-term, and will leave when the Bangladeshi government decides help is no longer needed.

U.S. forces say villagers are welcoming the aid. A Bangladeshi liaison officer, Commander Fazale Rabbi , also called the relief operation a very good effort by many friendly nations.

Published with the permission of Voice of America