Saturday, November 17, 2007

Suffer Little Children: Toddler gives press conference to tell about his dad's murder

Asian News service reports that a five-year-old boy has held a press conference to tell about his father's murder. During the press conference he alleged that his mother was part of the conspiracy.

The boy, (whose name I will not publish), was assisted during the press conference by his uncle (again, name deleted) as he narrated the sequence of his father's alleged murder in their house in Jhandi village in Hoshiarpur district Oct 25.

The boy's father had returned from Malaysia, where he was working, a couple of months back.

The boy alleged that his mother was part of the conspiracy to kill his father and two persons from their village had hanged him. He said that his mother stood witness to the entire crime. The uncle alleged the police, despite registering a case against the three accused, had failed to arrest the culprits. The boy said that his mother, in his father's absence, developed relations with another person in the same village. When his father returned from Malaysia, "the activities of both got restricted".

The actions of those responsible for the welfare of society's most vulnerable, never ceases to amaze me.