Thursday, November 01, 2007

The McCanns: Why?

Madeleine McCann. Just the mere mention of a little girl's name is enough to evoke passion and strong emotion among those who never even met her. The name of a tiny, vulnerable toddler is known the world over. Madeleine's name has been spoken more since May 3rd, than it ever was during the few short years of a childhood that has quite likely been stolen forever. Unlike Gerry's treasured possession, his wallet and the cash it contained, it can never be returned.

There are two people responsible for Madeleine's fate - Kate and Gerry McCann. Two parents who it is known, repeatedly took the deliberate decision to leave Madeleine and her siblings alone, unprotected and open to potential harm and danger.

You would think her parents would be despised wouldn't you? that the media would be picking on every word they said, delving without mercy into the backgrounds of two people who put their own hedonistic desires above the welfare of their children. That is what they would normally do. But oh no, not with Kate and Gerry McCann.

Instead, those who speak out against the protected icons of the British establishment, are the victims of the sort of treatment normally reserved for those who commit crimes against children.

We, who are seeking answers, truth and justice - are the villains - not the McCanns.


Why are guests on TV and radio shows gagged by presenters at the first sign of any criticism of the couple? Why are we expected to believe without question, every convoluted, cock-and-bull story presented by the British media? Why is a long standing ally, the victim of racial abuse from a two bit chancer working for the Holy Bible of the Uneducated, Lost and Lonely Loser Brigade?

Poor old Kate, the mother who saw no wrong in leaving a three year old girl all alone, is the victim of abuse and threats and we are supposed to hang our heads in shame.

Don't get me wrong, I do not agree with threats - they only serve to betray Madeleine even more than she has already been betrayed. Justice for Madeleine must be achieved through the justice system, otherwise, there is no justice at all. This is not about revenge, jealousy or spite. It is about doing the right thing for someone who has been the victim of so much wrong.

Why should Kate and Gerry be protected from the sort of abuse we receive on a daily basis? We are not the ones who have done anything wrong?

The press worry about the safety of Kate and Gerry, yet show no interest in the fact that my welfare and safety is being openly discussed on the forum of a national newspaper. They are blind to the threats I have received.


Don't get me wrong, I don't give a tinkers cuss about threats or insults from people I wouldn't give the time of day to. In any case I am used to it. After my attacks on Edgar Ray Killen, it was made quite clear to me that I would never be welcome in Mississippi! It is the difference in attitude that concerns me - and "difference" has been the hallmark of media coverage of the McCanns. No one else except the McCanns would have enjoyed the luxury of such protection.


I honestly feel we will know at least part of answer in the near future, though I doubt we will ever know the full sordid story of fear, protection and called in favours.

Perhaps Kate and Gerry may take a look at this blog and our campaign for answers, and ask themselves,"why"

That I can answer with a few simple truisms.

They betrayed Madeleine. They continue to betray Madeleine. They betrayed the country of my birth. They betrayed the vast majority of British parents who sacrifice their needs for their children.

The Madeleine McCann threads on this blog aim to right those wrongs, to provide a voice for the betrayed, the angry and the frustrated. If anyone reading this can help make our voices be heard even louder, you can email me at

Those who have helped before, will tell you I protect those who have come to our aid. Despite what some may think, I am quite approachable and always answer emails!

There is a lot in my past I regret and that I am ashamed of. This campaign is not one of them.