Friday, November 23, 2007

The McCanns: The Man in Pink, dogs and Huelva

The previous McCann post topped 500 responses in well under 48 hours, something the Blogosphere has rarely, if ever seen. So I have closed that thread to comments, and we can start afresh using the title as a guide for direction.

Comment Moderation has been turned on for now, (note the exact words) due to a massive, systemised, but amateurish attack on the blog.

To those who come on with open or hidden agendas, remember this is a business blog, you are here by invitation and not as a right. This is my dance floor and you're standing on it. If I want you to move, you will be moved. Nor do I need to explain why. As most people know, when I do things - I do so for a reason.

Oh, I have just won another blog accolade!