Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The McCanns: Lies, lies and more lies

Lies, lies and more lies

No, it is not yours truly uttering those words; they are the words of a dismayed and frustrated British journalist during a live cross to Sydney radio early this morning. His observation on the state of 'Britain today' closely followed his earlier warning that nothing in Britain, is as it appears.

They also accurately describe certain sections of the British media, particularly in relation to their hero worship of the McCanns' (here, we rarely refer to those two grubs as Kate and Gerry).

Determined to prove England's Protected Species innocent before they are even charged, 'Fleet Street' has succeeded in doing a hatchet job on their own country.

Enlisting the aid of alleged celebrities and alleged 'experts' of the calibre who could only succeed in a country where it appears mediocrity is now considered a benchmark of excellence, they are portraying Britain as a country where truth, justice and integrity are considered disposable virtues - tossed away on the strength of a phone call or tap on the shoulder.

In the land that gave the world Enoch Powell, the BNP, skinheads and made the phrase 'Paki Bashing' part of the English language, so-called journalists have directed their venom at one of Britain's oldest allies - Portugal. Whatever happens is always the fault of the Portuguese - never the McCanns.

In doing so, the media has shot themselves and their country, well and truly in the arse.Yes, I realise that "foot" is normally the word chosen to end that sentence, but we believe in using the right word for the occasion - even if it does offend the sensibilities of the patronising and self-righteous.

In any case, if St Gerald McCann, Patron Saint of Other People's Children, can repeatedly use the 'F' word - even in front of his own children and those of his jolly hocky-stick pals, then I think it is quite acceptable. Oh silly me, I keep forgetting that The Man With The Golden Address Book, can do no wrong. It is only the 'ordinary' people who attract censure for their use of language or neglect of their children.

Do 'they' think all this goes unnoticed by the rest of the world? Do they think we do not know?

The McCanns' have been - and continue to be - the architects of their own destiny. In no other country would they be afforded the respect and adoration given to them by a media that has been the object of global ridicule for many years.

The McCanns are painted as 'victims' they are not. Madeleine, a three year old girl is the victim. A victim because she was betrayed by the same people the UK press demand we respect and pity. Well you can stuff that up your Khyber Pass.

I learned in a British establishment school, that regardless of position or status, respect is not a right - it has to be earned. The McCanns' have done nothing to earn the respect of right minded, free thinking people.

The rest of the world hears what the UK media appears to have been ordered to ignore.

The tears of a little girl.