Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Internet: Illegal impersonation of my readers on the blog of trannyfannyacid, AKA Jeremy Young

As many of you will be aware, a number of my readers have been illegally cloned in responses to a blog known as trannyfattyacid - especially on a series of articles, each one entitled MORON OF THE WEEK which Jeremy Young, posted in capital letters to make sure it stands out and show how clever he is.

Cloning has included posts appearing to come from myself - and one from my former fiancee.

Posing as readers of my blog, either the owner or others, have posted "responses" to the above blog making accusations against my readers, myself and against, 'i On Global Trends ' a blog that has enjoyed an impeccable reputation since May 2005, and is well known to many in the blogging community for its consistency and integrity.

Personally, I don't give a toss what is said about me, my job is to get results - not worry about the opinions of others on a blog that has only existed since August. However, I am concerned about users of my blog being portrayed in a negative and often derogatory manner - such as "laptop bitches" and sexual cyberslaves.

For those of you have had your identity stolen, there are ways you can address this issue.

If you have registered, you can click HERE You will see a list of options - choose "impersonation" then "continue". From there, you can provide details and lodge a complaint.

There is another avenue. Google provides this advice: "If you believe that someone is impersonating your identity online, please contact your local authorities. If you'd like to report impersonation on, please visit the orkut Help Center for instructions."

It is a shame that a blog owner should bring the Blogosphere into disrepute by not only condoning impersonation, but also engaging in comment spam and repeated obscene messages in Portuguese, aimed at Portuguese readers of my blog.

It is ironic that a blogger who complains that I restrict freedom of speech by deleting comments that are designed to upset the harmony of this blog, himself restricticts freedom of expression. Not just by his use of comment moderation, word verification, lack of profile or contact details - but by intimidation. Although the same number of readers visit this blog, many are now reluctant to post for fear of being yet another victim of illegal impersonation.

I am able to provide appropriate parties with legally acceptable, electronically signed statements from victims of the impersonation, confirming they did not make posts to the blog of trannyfattyacid. I wonder if he can produce such documents claiming they did.

Somehow, I think we all know the answer.

In addition to Young and his supporters spamming my blog with some of the most violent and obscene messages I have seen - including attempts at child porn, (reported to Blogger and to the police as it was claimed the content was written by me), and attacks on my 75 year old mother - many expressing concerms for her welfare under my care - Jeremy Young, also has a habit of harassing other bloggers. and here

But what I find particularly distasteful, is that once the victim of his unprovoked attacks dares to speak out, he and his small band of followers attempt to post the following to the victim's blog.

Before further attacks on TFA, please read this and put lives into perspective and call a truce.TFA posted this poem last year after the death of his baby.

In other words, he launches systemised attacks based on lies, insults and insinuation, then hides behind a poem written about the death of a child he claims to be his daughter. The victim is then supposed to feel sorry for Young, who takes no notice of their compassion and continues his attacks.

Assuming the poem is about his daughter - and there is no evidence to suggest this, it does not give him carte-blanche to attack and intimidate bloggers who for no reason, find themselves the victim of his twisted venom.

If his intent is to discredit blogs that cover the same topics as himself, (bloggers who did so long before he jumped on the bandwagon with the use of plagiarised and stolen material), in an attempt to drive readers to his heavily advertiser supported blog, it is a particularly low, cowardly and disreputable tactic to achieve his goal.

But then again, that is the sort of man Jeremy Young, a man who repeatedly and deliberately violates Blogger's TOS, has consistently proved himself to be.