Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Zulu!

Isabel has been kind enough to send me a number of photographs taken while she was in Zululand in the 70s. I was delighted that she did so as I have long been interested in the people.

I hope no one takes offence, but I guess it started with the movie 'Zulu'. The first time I saw 'Zulu' was at Pencoed Welfare Hall when I was eleven. It was a special showing for kids and we all shuffled in clutching bags of crisps and little plastic containers of warm orange squash. The Welfare Hall wasn't a cinema - but somehow that added to the excitement.

The"auditorium" consisted of plastic chairs that squeaked on the bare wooden floors as we fidgeted impatiently waiting for the film to begin. Eventually the lights went off, and a voice wrapped in a navy blue Marks and Sparks blazer, ordered "Quiet, Quiet". We mostly obliged apart from Linda Watkins and her friend, who started to giggle two rows behind me. I turned round and gave them what I thought was one of those "looks." Steely eyes loaded with determination and masculine authority. Sure enough they stopped giggling - and fell about laughing. Luckily Mr Marks and Sparks, came to my rescue and threatened to remove them from the hall - except of course, not so politely.

I loved he final salute from the Zulus, one of the most powerful moments I have seen in any movie.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales, has a huge and imposing painting of the Battle of Rourke's Drift, and each time I go, I make sure I pay it a visit.

Isabel, thanks for allowing me to share the photo!

Oh yes, the photoblog has been updated too!

Wherever you may be - be safe