Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Nov 15

Australian Opposition leader Kevin Rudd, was asked by a confessed Liberal supporter, if his deputy Julia Gillard, owned a skirt. Julia, who is one of the few politicians I find sensual, is invariably seen in trousers. Actually, when you come to think of it - so are many female politicians.

It may seem trivial but to Australian voters, these issues decide an election. Are John Howard's eyebrows too bushy? why did former Prime Minister Paul Keating, wear Italian suits? Bugger the economy - these are the real issues!

Rudd, managed to refrain from eating his own ear wax and gave the sort of answer that I believe demonstrates what a great diplomat he would make.

"There are certain questions which blokes don't sort of ask. I kind of draw the line at those sort of things," he said.
"What I have learned from my own wife and my own daughter, there are certain things you just don't get into and ladies' fashion is one of them."

"I think it is called the better part of courage."

Considering the question revolved around ladies wearing trousers, I am glad his statement was not more specific!

Welsh readers may be interested to know that Julia comes from Maesteg.

The blog was a bit behind schedule today due to my constantly freezing. Tomorrow, I will not be making any posts as there a few issues I need to attend to and follow up. I will however, be responding and popping into the Shout Box now and then.

Wherever you may be - be safe - and be-lieve

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