Saturday, November 17, 2007

Energy: Pakistan to import power from Central Asia

Tajikistan and Kyrgystan have signed a deal to export electricity through Afghanistan to Pakistan through a cable network due to be completed by 2012. The agreement was signed by the four states on Friday.

The Central Asian states use all their electricity in the winter, but are left with a power surplus in the summer months, while Afghan cities are without power for much of the day all year round and growth in Pakistan has been held back by a power shortage. “This is a very big and important power project for Afghanistan,” said Afghan Energy and Water Minister Ismail Khan at the signing ceremony.

Reuter reports that Khan said 1,300 MW of electricity would be exported through the new cables at first, with Afghanistan allowed to use 300 MW of that power, then once capacity had risen to 4,500 MW of power, Afghanistan would be able to use 1,000 MW. The completion of hydro-electric power projects in the Central Asian states is expected to boost their power generation.