Monday, November 05, 2007

Education: You behind the bikesheds, stand still lassie - oh, you have permission to smoke.

A school in the ACT, has sparked controversy by allowing a sixteen year old schoolgirl to take, 'smokos'. The student is allowed cigarette breaks while at school, because her doctor says she is clinically addicted to nicotine.

Although It is illegal to supply cigarettes to anybody under the age of 18, Stromlo High School has granted the concession to the Canberra teenager following advice from her mum and her family doctor. "We were worried that she wasn't going to finish year 10 if she couldn't smoke,'' her mother told The Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph reports, "the situation reached breaking point last month when her daughter was placed on detention, and prevented from leaving the school grounds. 'She was really stressed. She just calms down if she has got a cigarette; otherwise she storms in the door, cranky and angry.'''

Personally, I much preferred a sneaky one behind the bicycle sheds!

Full article: Student allowed 'smokos' at school by Ellen Connolly

Photo: I took this during my "experimental" period:)