Friday, November 02, 2007

About last night

Well, well, didn't we have some fun last night (Sydney time). I make a call for further information, and the keyboard monkeys come crawling out of the woodwork in an obvious and co-coordinated attack on the blog, ignoring clearly visible posting guidelines. Somehow I knew they would.

Lacking imagination and originality, they followed the same pattern and the same theme. Finally we had little Matt making a comeback, and as on previous occasions, probing for information as he did when he caused unease and suspicion on the Shout Box. I don't mind if people want to indulge in a fishing expedition - but not on my blog.

Let me make a few things clear to these little chooks.

First of all, you assume you have the right to post comments here. Wrong. Commenting is at the discretion of the owner and all blogs have several posting options available. Until now, unlike most blogs that cover controversial topics, the blog has operated without pre-moderation.

This is a business blog - not a forum and I decide the theme and content of the blog. If you disagree with that, start your own blog and have your say there.

Because of the success of this blog, each McCann posts generates a reaction previously unheard of in the world of blogging. That is why I close each thread as they approach 400 comments. The comment box is there to respond to the issue, not for personal attacks on myself or the blog. If you want to insult me, go ahead - there are plenty of forums where like minded people gather to express such opinions.

I am the one taking the risks, I am the one copping the losses. When a credible source on another forum openly discusses the chances of my getting out of this alive - that gives me the right to decide who posts what. If I feel a post or poster is suspicious, I will delete without hesitation and without explanation. I have no need to explain, you are on my territory and I make the decisions.

Sure, this may not be popular in some quarters but that is not my concern. When I take on a project on or offline, I do so not to be popular - but to get a results.

Yes, I called for information, and no doubt will do so again. This is a complex issue that goes way beyond the obvious. Any information that adds to the information I already have, is always welcome. If "they" either lack, or choose to lack, the vision to recognise or appreciate efficient concepts, then that explains why they use my blog to push their agenda and not their own.

One of the strengths of this blog has always been the camaraderie and the fact that people feel safe here. I intend to keep it that way. I answer to no one except myself and my supporters - not those who suddenly appear from nowhere claiming to be regulars. If they were regulars, they would know that I never do things without a reason.

One more thing about "rights*

Madeleine had the right to be loved; the right to be looked after; the right to expect that her parents would take every measure to ensure her safety.

Her parents ignored those rights - so why should I extend any rights to them - or to those who choose to extend to the parents, the sort of protection a three year old girl was denied by those who brought her into the world.