Monday, October 15, 2007

The McCanns: If she is dead, then she is dead

"...if she is dead, then she is dead"

Anyone reading that line could be forgiven for thinking it was a quote from a movie. You know the sort I mean - the villain we all love to hate casually dismissing the death of a business rival, opponent, or a casual lover soon forgotten after a pat on the bum and twenty bucks for a cab ride home. The bit where the audience go "ooh" in shock and take out their anger and indignation on their Choc Ice or Curly Wurley.

Oh no. This is not a movie. It's Life With The McCanns. Where a little girl's life is dismissed with a throw-away line from a throw-away family friend, with a vested interest in the protection of those who betrayed a three year old tot.

Roll up, roll up.
Pay your money then pay some more,
for we have plenty of things in store.
Plastic bands of yellow and green,
and T shirts that really must be seen.
Shed a tear for Kate and Gerry,
don't be like them, all bright and merry.
'She' or 'her' may well be dead,
oh well, that's life - it must be said.
Sell a lie for Gerry and Kate,
the life of a child's the going rate.

"If she is dead, then she is dead"

And if "she" is, then well may you say God Save The Queen, for nothing will save the McCanns*

*Gough Whitlam, 1975.