Monday, October 29, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Oct 29

Photo: Taken at Taronga Zoo - and no, there are no faces in this one!

I am going to talk to you tonight about "desire and deception, lust and fetish, pleasure and pain". No, it's not about who you may think - although there is something fishy about it. I am talking deep-sea how's-your-father.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a review of a new book called KamaSEAtra: Secrets of Sex in the Sea, written by Victorian aquatic scientist Sheree Marris.

The Herald explains how Marris became interested in the subject -

"I studied aquatic science at Deakin University but I was by no means an academic, the chemical equations and formulas and all that just kind of went in one ear and out the other..One of the things that I did learn was the real meaning for the word dork..A dork is a whale's penis and I thought, 'how cool is that?'...When we're calling someone a dork we're basically calling them a big dick because these things are absolutely huge."

She describes the sex life of the Deep Sea Angler and the love bite of the male. "This is some extraordinary love bite because he never lets go. He becomes fused to her and basically becomes a blob of testicles on her skin. She then chemically commands him to release sperm when she wants, so she's got this permanent sex slave. One female brought up from the depths had 11 males attached to her, she was one lucky girl."

Full article: Extreme sex under the sea


I am having frustrating and frequent PC crashes tonight - about every 20-30 minutes. I am pretty sure it's more to do with the monitor or graphics thingymabobs than anything else. If I seem "spasmodic" tonight that is why.

Till tomorrow...

Wherever you may be - be safe