Saturday, October 27, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Oct 27 and Daylight Saving

I don't think the ball is up there son!

I took this photo this afternoon at a place called Pottery Green, my little suburb's attempt at promoting itself as a village with a village atmosphere. In reality however, the closest it comes are the Village Square politicians on the council who ban smoking in the outdoor shopping precent, while doing nothing to stop the kids drinking in a small park almost opposite the police station. Who cares that they leave bottles, pizza boxes, cans and other assorted rubbish all over the park and surrounding area before going off to smash the windows in the bus shelters every weekend? The park is also close to the "bottle-shop" (off-licence/liquor store) and businesses tend to be looked after more than the residents.

You can see a photo of Pottery Green on my photoblog. I know some of you visited earlier in the day, but four more were added tonight.

Our clocks go forward one hour tonight, so those of you who have become used to my routine may find it a bit confusing - especially when your clocks go back an hour. By the time everyone has finished with their timepieces, there will be an eleven hour time difference between Sydney and the UK.

Till tomorrow

Wherever you may be - be safe