Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I have been Degrubified!

I bet you are wondering where I have been today! I shall tell you.

I started feeling completely Grubified and wanted to cleanse my soul and mind of the sordidness that started to take over everything that was me. I needed to be disinfected ready for the next battle in a war that if there were justice and humanity in the world, there should be no need to fight.

So about 3pm this afternoon I set off on a long, long bush walk along the harbour foreshores, the Lane Cove River, and then on to my little oasis.

Pretty isn't it.

I sat there for ages just watching the reflections and patterns on the water. In fact, I will post a series of photos either today or tomorrow on the photoblog called "Reflections". I know there is at least one reader who like me, is fascinated by the way the light writes poetry upon the water.

At the risk of sounding a difficult little prat, there are plenty of posts here where you can comment on, "You Know Who". Could I kindly ask that we leave the clouds and the water untainted - remember, I do have the "delete" option:)

Right. Start your engines!