Monday, August 27, 2007

The McCanns: Browned off

Bye heck, the lad has done it. Gerry McCann has actually told the truth.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, he was quoted as saying, "There is speculation and innuendo".

I agree.

Almost from the moment Madeleine was "discovered" missing, the McCann family and their pack-rat friends embarked on a deliberate and coordinated campaign of speculation and innuendo against Robert Murat.

At one stage, Gerry McCann's Income Protection Blog, looked like a British tabloid with lurid headlines regarding Murat, placed in a prominent position, (carefully positioned of course so as not to detract from instructions aimed at conning the gullible and naive to donate to the controversial McCann lifestyle fund, administered by a rag-tag army on unskilled relatives, friends and hangers-on).

I can not recall McCann exploding with rage at the treatment of Robert Murat. Perhaps I was somewhere else when he stated Murat was in the clear after the police searched Murat's house with the sort of thoroughness that British anti-terrorist police have never come close to in their usually futile and incompetent searches of alleged terror suspects.

The McCanns and their extended, "what's-in-it-for-us" family are keen to point the finger at others. They have shifted blame more often that a grand prix driver shifts gears. But like all bullies they do not like it when the finger is belatedly but rightly, pointed in their direction.

The McCanns have no one to blame for the finger-pointing but themselves - the same way that no one else is to blame for the plight of a little girl.

High profile publicity has it's price - and that includes censure and questions. But the McCanns do not like paying the price for anything - they expect everyone else to dig deep in to their unlost wallets.

Sorry Gerry, but you and Liverpool Lil, are no longer England's Sacred Cows. The halo that was purchased with thirty pieces of a child's misery and undeservedly bestowed upon you by those whose scruples are as non-existent as yours and Kate's, has fallen lower than a pair of cheap knickers. Your friends are distancing themselves from you - as I forecast some time ago they would.

Even fellow Scot, Gordon Brown is increasingly reluctant to stand by his man. Only a few months ago with undue haste and for motives yet to be revealed, the man with connections to two cities close to the hearts of you and members of your clique, was motivated to pick up the phone and sing to you, "I'll do anything, for you Gerry, anything..."

And he did.

Now it is reported that it was Brown's suggestion that you scale down your campaign, as he is afraid the direction this case is taking will have a negative impact on what little positive image this icon of mediocrity possesses.

Thanks to blogs such as this, neither you nor Brown had the clear run you had anticipated. With the British media to help flog your tawdry message and tacky goods, you and the other goodtime-Charlies thought you would achieve your goal without hindrance.

As usual however, the Establishment underestimated the strength, power and influence of their enemies - in this case, the Internet.

We have been victims of organised, determined attacks and threats largely instigated by the Internet wannabe Aunt Phil, who proves that when it comes to intelligence, size does not matter.

Yet we are still standing while your legs have turned to rubber, as clearly demonstrated by your increasingly public displays of bad temper.

Throwing a microphone on the floor? Makes me wonder what else you have thrown on the floor when exploding with rage. Was this act of petulance the equivalent of smashing a beer glass in a Glasgow pub and shouting, "I'll get you Jimmy"?

The members of this blog have achieved a lot. We are constantly monitored by those on your side with a vested interest in seeing us go under. But we wont - and you damn well know that. We are here to give Madeleine what she was denied by you and Kate.

Even the media, "yes-men and women" no longer try to discredit a force that will come out of this affair with a level of integrity and pride that the British media whores lay down and surrendered long ago.

You see Gerry, I have the best of both worlds. I am in Australia, and not so easy to silence. But it's a small world and not only do I have contacts from my time in Britain, but I have worked online for a long time - the majority of my clients coming from the US - and UK. My long-time network of UK contacts owe me no favours, we work on a friendship and trust that goes back years.

I don't have to worry about my friends and contacts Gerry - can you say the same?

Note: This post refers to the reported, "microphone throwing incident". Since posting, members of Team H have let me know it was not as bad as originally reported. I will leave the remark in place as I do not want to be accused of "back-tracking". A correction has also been posted