Monday, June 25, 2007

My response to a few "Anono-mooses"

"I'm not the best writer either but I can say that I think the Mccan's are just very intelligent people who are trying desperately to get their daughter back as well as to make amends for a lapse in good judgment. They thought their kids would be ok but it wan't so. Still, if I were they, I'd fight the battle just as hard .. They seem to really want to fix things...not surprised coming from two doctors. I am sad that you can't leave your child alone for a few minutes because another human might come along and abduct or even kill them. Also sad that people can be so vicious to people who have just lost their daughter. You realize they are still in the denial phase, don't you? "

Why do people keep referring to the Grubs, as being intelligent people? They are professional people and should know that it is highly dangerous to leave three young children unattended in a strange apartment, in a strange country, night after night. You refer to a "lapse in good judgement". Once may be considered a lapse - every damn night is considered bloody stupid in my neck of the woods. And they did it deliberately - refusing all offers and means of supervision.
"Also sad that people can be so vicious to people who have just lost their daughter."

They wouldn't have lost her if they had taken the same precautions thousands of other less educated parents take.

Oh yes - this is something I would like to know - perhaps you can help. If they work on the doctrine that "thousands of other people do the same" why did they choose that one, and not the "thousands of other parents look after their children or stay home when they can't get a babysitter"?

You realize they are still in the denial phase, don't you? "

I don't give a stuff if they are in the second phase of the moon. They lost a child. A child who trusted them. They were not attacked and had the child snatched from them. They left a tiny three year old to fend for herself.

Oh this is a beauty.

"You are all sickos - what do you suggest these people do - they have lost one of the most precious things belonging to them and just because they dont crumble on television they are being demonised - these are professiona;l people who have been trained at eminent universities to be strong in times of stress and you all dehumanise them for this - get a life!!!!!
Angry from Scotland - where we look after our own"

Please let me know which universities they went to so I can warn people not to send their children there. "One of the most precious things" Huh? Should that not be "the most precious thing"?

May I ask a question? You see I didn't go to an eminent university, so I am a bit on the thick side and unable to understand certain things.

If Madeleine was so precious, why did they leave her alone night after bloody night? Why can the father not even get his daughter's name right? Why did he not notice his daughter's name was wrong and correct it? Perhaps one of the university educated parents would like to answer that question. My blog contains over four thousand posts on hundreds of different topics. Let's see how many spelling mistakes you can find in those posts.

Any more?