Sunday, March 04, 2007

Entrepreneurs: Smells like East Germany

Spiegel online has an article that somehow appeals to my "bizarre-but-makes sense" way of thinking.If you grew up in East Germany, memories may soon be just a mouse-click away.

", a mail-order company based in the eastern German border-town of Eisenh├╝ttenstadt (formerly Stalinstadt), has come up with a new fragrance sure to brighten the lives of those old enough to remember what living in communist East Germany was like. It is called Intershop, and it smells like the hard-currency stores selling products from the West in select East German cities. The aroma? A combination of sweet-smelling washing powder, tobacco, chewing gum and glossy magazines."

I love nostalgia and often smells evoke powerful memories of the past - especially childhood - so odd as it may seem, I can see the logic in this novel idea.

Full article: New Scent Recalls East German Intershops by Charles Hawley

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