Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Till tomorrow

Tonight's photo: Circular Quay in Sydney. I took this the day the Queen Mary 2 arrived in Sydney. One of our more welcome visitors that week

I must try and keep away from boats when I post photographs. It seems that whenever I have a look through my collection for a photo to post, the ones I like invariably have boats somewhere in them.

Living in a city that is surrounded by water, (not just Sydney Harbour or the ocean) I suppose it is hard to avoid - but nice as they may be, it can be a bit repetitious. A bit like being invited around to see your neighbour's holiday snaps - "And there's me in the funny hat by the seaside....and there's our mam in a sailing dinghy....and that's the nice young men in their boat rescuing her."

I should set up a system; one day "water shots" next day city scenes, followed then by crowd scenes and wildlife.

Full blog back tomorrow.

Wherever you may be - be safe