Saturday, February 17, 2007

Can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Photo: Taken about ten minutes before the one below:)

I was just about to shut down for the night when I decided to take another look at the photos I shot this afternoon. I didn't think this was a particularly good photo and was about to delete it - then I realised I had missed something glaringly obvious the first time round.

Can any one tell me what's wrong with this photograph?

Answer: As far as I can see there are four kids and two alleged adults. Only one is wearing a life jacket.

Not only is it irresponsible - it is also illegal.

On the weekend this particular stretch of river is full of high speed boats. In one shot taken today, there are four speedboats in the same photo - all going different directions. For four boats to be in the same photo, it's obvious they must have been close together - a pretty clear indication of how crowded it can get.

I can just picture the scenario - can't you? Another boat slams into this one and a kid gets killed. The parents then appear on TV, dabbing tears from their eyes, claiming it's a dangerous stretch of river, and the government should do something about it. The State Opposition party will call for an enquiry and the State government will respond with a knee-jerk reaction that spoils the enjoyment of those who act responsibly.

The TV news will then launch the obligatory appeal, and gullible suckers will trot along to their bank to make a donation so that a pair of boof-heads can live in more comfort than they did before. Maybe they can buy a bigger boat and carry more kids without life jackets.

I think I have had a gutful of brain-dead parents blaming "accidents" on some one else and expecting the rest of us to pay for their ignorance and stupidity.