Friday, August 04, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Tonight's photo: Rainy-day Fridays always get me down

Regular readers will know of my monthly encounters with a government related department - one of those agencies set up as a window dressing exercise to make it look like the government is doing something to assist small business.

Some of you may recall that I turned up for my last meeting, (following two written confirmations of the appointment) to be told the person I was supposed to see had left, and the person taking his place had taken a few days off.

This morning I went for another meeting. Guess what? The person I was supposed to see had taken the day off and her replacement was unavailable.

I gently smiled and told the consultant that the object of the program appears to involve my turning up every month to shake hands with someone I hadn't seen before, then leave. As far as I could see, such an exercise would have little or no impact on the development of my business.

I was then informed that I hadn't turned up for my previous appointment! Yes, that's right - the one mentioned earlier in this post. I informed the young lady that not only had I turned up, but another consultant had arranged for the receptionist to make an appointment for me to see the manager today.

She asked if I knew who the receptionist was. I was happy to tell her that although I didn't know her name, it was the girl whose perception of her ability exceeds the reality. Immediately she replied -

"Oh, that would be Karen"!

Tonight's song snippet is from my favourite female Australian country artist - the brilliant Beccy Cole.

I used to sink in his my arms are in his sink
He used to love me all I miss it if I blink
The sweetest first kiss has turned me into this
I picked the wrong man again
I must be crazy, he's broke and he's lazy
He's not working - can I trade him in?

From the song, "Can I trade him in?" (full lyrics)

Wherever you may be - be safe!