Saturday, June 17, 2006

Human Resources: Australia is closed Monday morning. Please come back later

Business groups in Australia are appealing to bosses to let shirk..I mean workers, have Monday off.


So that they can stay up to watch Australia play Brazil in the FIFA World Cup. The plea came in the same week that employees returned to work after a public holiday last Monday, and the same week that the New South Wales Premier, asked employers to be lenient on those who stayed up late to watch the last match.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports, "Despite a 2am (AEST) start in the middle of winter, thousands of new-found Australian soccer fans are expected to crowd pubs and outdoor live sites in the big cities. Millions more will watch at home as the Socceroos bid to match Brazil's superstars in Munich".

What a good idea. Let employees have the day off so that can sit on their over-paid arses complaining about Australian jobs going overseas and China's boom economy.

Why can't this country be like the United States where a strong work ethic exists? Hell, people are so keen to work there, they even risk being shot in order to do so!

Let's all join together for a rousing rendition of Australia's national anthem, "Advance Australia Shirking"

Oh that is so beautiful - it makes you want to cry. Especially if you want to get anything done on Monday morning.