Friday, June 02, 2006

Hello from Sydney

Hospital day today, and by the time I came back, I was left with little time or energy to blog. So rather than leave a blank space where "June 02" should be, I thought I would post a photo I took his morning.

A lot of people were passing by at the time, so I made a great show of altering and checking settings so that I wouldn't look like some plonker who had just stepped off a plane and was snapping at everything I see in Os-tray-lee-aah. Just to make it look good, I shook my head a few times and walked about looking concerned. The fact that I can't see the digital display anyway, went unnoticed by suitably impressed pensioners on their way to Bingo at the local club.

Perhaps if I would have spent less time doing that, and more time looking at the surroundings, maybe I would have noticed the bloody Coles Supermarket trolley in the background. I could of course say it was a deliberate decision on my part to add social and artistic merit to the work.

"Oh yes old chap,, naturally I knew it was there. Don't you see? that is precisely the whole point of the photograph. The ugliness of consumerism paled into insignificance by the beauty of Mother Nature."

I mean - stands to reason dunnit like - you know.

Oh yes. There is one bit of news that may interest you. It concerns the case of a Burmese dissident has successfully fought a decision refusing her asylum in Australia because the word "oogabooga" was typed into the Refugee Review Tribunal's ruling.

The Sydney Morning Herald, reports that "the word appeared next to the heading 'Definition of 'Refugee' in a document outlining tribunal member Wendy Boddison''s 2002 findings in the case of the Burmese woman. A federal magistrate ruled that its appearance in the document would cause a "fair-minded" observer to conclude the tribunal was biased in its deliberations.

Ms Boddison claimed she inserted the "nonsense" word to test her spell checker as it had been malfunctioning. She had overlooked it when proofing the document.

What a silly booga.

Wherever you may be - be safe!