Thursday, June 01, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Tonight's photo: I call this "Down our street." When I tell people, "I'm popping up the shops," this is where I pop.

I think I have a problem and it's beginning to worry me. It wouldn't be so bad if it was something I could talk about - but it's you know - one of "those" problems.

Secret Men's Business, type problem.

I could of course go and see my doctor - he's an understanding sort of bloke. He's the one who spotted what was wrong with my appendix and fixed up my foot. I don't mean he treated my appendix by fixing my foot, although in New South Wales it would not be beyond the realms of possibility. They were of course separate incidents.

See what I mean - I am so concerned about this problem I can not even communicate effectively anymore. If this goes on, I could write a blog.

When women have "those" type of problems, it's much easier. I pride myself on being a sensitive, new-age type of guy, so I just pat them on the head and say, "there, there" and suggest they buy a new frock or have a hair-do. I learned that on a gender-issues course organised by the New South Wales Rugby League Players Foundation.

But we men are different to women. I discovered that in school in a book called," Play Mummy And Daddy The Tommy And Bonny Way," a book that was later banned by the Cardiff Christian Moral Values Association.

Even at that tender age I could see that move coming, so I nicked them all from the library and sold them behind the bicycle sheds. Hallelujah - like with so many others, religion made me an entrepreneur. And my mum made me give them back. If it wasn't for her I could have been an Enron executive.

I could of course go and ask my priest but he is not due out until 2010, and in any case my voice is too deep now. I suppose I will just have to come out of the closet and make my problem public. My forum shall be the unforgiving, cruel, harsh world of the blogosphere. Bare my soul for public scrutiny, scorn and ridicule.

I am beginning to fancy Condoleeza Rice.

Don't get me wrong, I am not attracted by her politics, agenda or foreign policy - no Siree. Apart from John Howard and talk back radio host Alan Jones, very few people here take her or any of the others seriously anyway. I mean you can't can you? But in looks and personality, she seems to be improving.

I first noticed it when she visited Australia. It was the most relaxed I have ever seen her. I am not sure what happened here, but that trend seems to be gaining momentum.

O.K. I realise that this post is not exactly politically correct - but if a man, (and I use that word against my better judgement) like Bush can call Australia's Prime Minister "bald" and "not the prettiest face on the block," I am sure I can make compliments about American female politicians.

Or perhaps thing's don't work that way.

Wherever you may be - be safe