Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Farewell my friend

Lorrie, I am thinking of a time a few years back. It was the early days of my business and my PC had died. At 6pm, my phone rang. It was you Lorrie.

It was 4am for you, you knew it was good time to catch me. You stayed up, scared that if you went to sleep you would miss me. Even though you were tired and in pain, you sat with pen and paper asking if there was anything you could do for me - anyone you could inform.

When I hadn't heard from you for a few days, I thought perhaps your PC had died. Let's face it Lorrie, you could be pretty hard on them ya know:). Then today, I received an email. I saw it was from you and I was relieved.

But it wasn't from you. It was from your friend. Even though the first few words warned of what was to come, I felt the life sucked out of me as I read the three words that told me I had lost a very dear and very special friend.

"Lorraine died today"

Jeez, we been through a lot together and there are so many more things I know we both wanted to share and talk about. Maybe you wont be down here on this crazy old world to share those things, but I know you will be watching from above. When I told Jenny you had passed away, she told me I would have a Guardian Angel looking out for me. I reckon she is right. You always did look out for me kiddo.

We laughed together, cried together, then laughed some more. Life dealt you the cruellest of hands, and though the odds were against you, you played to win. Remember my birthday present? You saved up for months to buy me an autographed photo of Muhammad Ali. Carefully wrapped, protected and packaged, I could feel the love of a true friend as I opened it.

Ali used to boast, "I am the greatest"

No Lorrie. You were.