Monday, June 19, 2006

Entrepreneurship: Somali businessman says Islamic victory good for business

A prominent Somali businessman has said the stabilisation of Mogadishu after Islamist leaders ousted US-backed warlords has dealt a blow to pirates and given a boost to business in Somalia.

"We never had business like this before," Abdulkadir Nur, who manages the strategic El Maan port just north of the Somali capital, told Reuters.

Nur is one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in Mogadishu, and a staunch supporter of the Islamic Courts. Earlier this month, in battles that killed at least 350 people, their militia ended a 15-year rule of the capital by warlords.

Nur said, "Before, there was theft of trucks, kidnappings, but since the Islamic Courts have taken over, there has been no trouble."