Thursday, April 06, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Winter well and truly hit today, with Sydney shivering and the snow fields getting the first snow fall of the season.

This morning temperatures fell as low as -4 centigrade in one of our more popular ski resorts, and in Victoria, 54 schoolkids on a hike had to be rescued after becoming snow-bound.

As you can see by tonight's photograph, even in my neck of the woods, people wrapped themselves up against the cold late afternoon wind.

About the photograph (click for a better photo)

I was doing a bit of shopping late this afternoon when I sat down to enjoy the crisp, end of the day sun. I noticed the girl and her dog sitting in front of me, (a sure sign that I am getting old is the fact that I noticed the little doggy first!) and thought how well they looked together. Both doing their own thing but as one. To coin a phrase from a Dory Previn, song - doing it alone together.

I went over and asked the girl if she minded if I took a photograph of the two of them. For decades I was extremely shy of females and as I asked, I realised how much things had changed!

She asked if I wanted them to do anything, but I said I would prefer to take the photograph as I first saw them. I told her I would return to my bench, and when she had forgotten I was there, I would take the photo.

I showed her the photos' afterwards and we agreed that any of the photos' could be used. Unfortunately, the snaps I took with the zoom lens revealed a little more than my sense of chivalry would allow. After all, this blog is seen by a world-wide audience of three - four if you include Mel!

Wherever you may be - be safe!