Friday, April 28, 2006

Education: Cuba's schools wired for knowledge

Granma daily reports that all Cuban schools utilize information and communication technologies to develop their teaching-educational programs. Computers, TVs and VCRs support educational programs in 120,784 schools and benefit 2.3 million students.

Citing official sources, the daily reports that 3.4 of every 100 people in Cuba have access to a computer (377,000) and the number of people with access to email and Internet is also on the rise.

Nearly 900,000 people have used Cuba's cyber cafes.

Whenever I read articles like this I am reminded of a 1997 statement made by the headmaster of a leading Sydney private school. He proudly and piously announced that computers have no place in any school.

No doubt he also thought that reading Walter Scott was essential to succeed in life.