Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Industrial Relations: South Korea faces general strike

South Korea's cargo union has threatened a general strike for April 3 - a move that could damage logistics and export industries.

The Korea Cargo Transport Workers Federation said it will strike if it cannot reach an agreement with a subcontractor used by Samsung Electronics within a week.

Jang Won-suk, policy director of the union, told The Korea Herald, "If the agreement is made, we will not go on strike."

The union is demanding among other things, raising transportation fees and reinstating dismissed workers.

Jang also wants Samsung Electronics and its logistics division Samsung Electronics Logitech Co. Ltd. to guarantee the agreement through a document. "If it is OK for them not to participate in the negotiation, they have to at least sign a document of agreement."

It is also feared that truck drivers may add to the chaos by blocking roads and ports.