Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Internet: Beware Ukrainian Nation Animal Welfare Foundation scam

This is an email I received this morning. If you receive such an email - for Pete's sake don't answer it! Yeah I know, but people do and quite a few have already been caught. It may look genuine - which is the whole idea, but there are a couple of obvious things that tell you it's a fake. (1) Never respond to anyone who asks you to send money - especially from your own bank account! (2) It takes about 5 seconds to discover no such organisation exists. (3) It lacks consistency

Ukrainian Nation Animal Welfare foundation is looking to hire a part-time (full-time) employee to fill the position of financial operations manager

Job Description:

We are searching new staff to join our company as financial operations manager. Obligation of the manager is processing payments from our patrons with daily inspection. That means that you are an authorized person to receive money transfers to your bank account.

Money that employee will receive should be send to Ukraine immediately via: Western Union or Money Gram.

We just can't wait weeks to receive money via international bank transfers.After 1 trial month we will sign contract with you.

Have 2-4 hours free a day-
Acess to the Internet-
Ability to check your e-mail several times a day-
To have bank account or to have an opportunity to open a new one for companys needs-
Interpersonal and leadership abilities-
Analytical skills.-
Desire to be immersed in the operation.-
Enthusiasm and self-motivation-
Ability to work independently-
Detail orientation and ability to check accuracy of own work-
Eagerness to work independently in a team environment.-
Ability to work well under pressure while maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.

Your's fee:Will be 6% (5% for trial period) from each urgent transfer made with your help + US$1500 per mounth.

About the Ukrainian National Animal Welfare Foundation

(UANAWF):Mission Statement:

To promote a caring Ukrainian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare for the well being of animal and mankind.

Tag Line: Love All Life

Aims and Objectives:

1. To generate awareness and responsibility of all residents in Ukraine on animal welfare as part of the policy towards the creation of a caring Ukrainian society.

2. To develop strategies and programmes to promote animal welfare through the UNAW Council (under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture), public agencies, institutions, private bodies and organisations.

3. To undertake projects that will promote understanding and the practices of animal welfare as part of daily life of residents in Ukraine.

4. To disseminate information on animal welfare through various media to the public, schools, community centres and other target groups.

5. To collect and generate funds to undertake animal welfare projects.

6. To undertake any other activities related to animal welfare.

7. To establish linkages with other institutions and organisations, locally and internationally in matters associated with animal welfare.If you are interested in this vacancy, send your Resume by email to: vacancy@uanawf.orgE-mail: vacancy@uanawf.org"