Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

I was going to post something very meaningful and profound tonight but Mother Nature had different plans for me.

There I was, sitting at the PC ready to spout forth when I happened to look out of my window. My attention was caught by a girl from the apartment block across the road. She was standing in the garden, (all the apartment blocks by me are set in large gardens) throwing clothes into to an upper unit, (apartment). I never did discover why she was doing this because my attention was caught by something else - something much closer and something more urgent than a scantily clad female chucking garments around.

The corner of my outside window ledge was swarming with hundred of flying ants!

I was a bit puzzled to say the least because just ten minutes earlier I had leaned out my window to, (1) catch the cool evening breeze, (there wasn't any but it was worth a try (2) to take a photograph of two huge cockatoos in a tree in the grounds of the aforementioned apartment block. A lot of things happen in that block of units!, and there was no sign of any ants. I may be a bit dense at times but I think I would have noticed the flying ant equivalent of the US Air Force on my window ledge.

My window ledge now looks like it has been decorated with artificial snow for Christmas, as I emptied half a can of insect killer onto the little buggers. My mum asked if it was necessary to hum the tune from the "Dam Busters" as I went into action, but I explained it helps with the mindset.

So I am afraid I have no posts of social or cultural significance to finish with tonight, which at least keeps up the consistency. Oh yes - tonight's photo was taken en-route to the bay featured in last nights post. It's a fascinating shop and you never know what you are going to find in there.

Until tomorrow...

...Wherever you may be - be safe!