Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

As I write it is approaching 8:30 pm and it is still 36 centigrade (96.8 fah). Too darn hot to think or write anything of great depth, humour or importance, which is a shame because a change of routine would have been nice.

One thing has always fascinated me about hot summer night, everything about the night tells you it is hot. The sounds, the smells, the "look" of the air. You could be as cold as Eskimo Nell or a feminist activist and still know it's hot just by using your eyes, ears and nose.


The photo tonight is a spoon bill outside the exhibition and convention centre at Darling Harbour, in Sydney. They just love rummaging around in rubbish bins and you will see them in just about every city park.


Would you want your home furnished with erotic furniture? If so, pay a visit to Mario Philipona Designs. Beautiful wooden furniture - but maybe not the sort of thing you may want if you are having the vicar and his wife for afternoon tea and crumpets.


Oh great, now the lawn bowling club opposite me have started their firework display!

Wherever you may be - be safe!