Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Training: Plan & Promote a Training Program - Promote the training program (Part One)

By Mike Hitchen Consulting - the consultancy that puts principles before profits.

People are more likely to support training programs when they understand how they can benefit from them. There are to primary groups of people whose support is important to your program, the people who make the decisions about running a program and the people who attend the program.

What do management need to know?

Mangers are particularly interested in a number of key issues:

1. How the training program will improve productivity

2. Why money and time should be invested in the training program

3. How the program will help the organisation meet goals

4. How much work the learners' will miss

Managers and learners need to be reminded regularly of the benefits of training to everyone,. As a trainer who is planning programs, you have to make yourself and your programs well known to management and the benefits training offers to the organisation.

What do learners need to know?

Participants will be hoping to gain something from the training program:

1. A promotion or pay rise

2. Increased self esteem

3. Increased efficiency

4. Increased competency or new skills

5. Familiarity with a new system or structure

Tomorrow: How do you promote a training program?

Mike Hitchen
Mike Hitchen Consulting