Monday, November 21, 2005

Training: Plan & Promote a Training Program - Decide if there is a non-training alternative

By Mike Hitchen Consulting - the consultancy that puts principles before profits.

Before you embark on a training program as the solution for the client, you need to consider whether there is a non-training option which would be more effective. When you investigate the client group and what they can do and what they can not, you may have found other reasons for their performance issues. For example:

* The learner performs the tasks to standard but the output shows a high rate of inaccuracy.

* The learner's concentration frequently lapses.

* The learner's work attitude shows little commitment to the goals of the organisation.

In these situations, there may be non-training alternatives more suitable to improving performance, for example counselling, recruitment, monitoring work output, transfer to another area etc.

If training is still agreed to be the best option, but problems still persist, training may need to focus on the dimension of he competency, job/role environment skills which refer to the learner's ability to get on with others and to fit into the workplace. A learner with attitude or concentration problems may need to be shown how important those skills are in the workplace.

Mike Hitchen
Mike Hitchen Consulting