Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Training: Plan & Promote a Training Program - Training Program Goals

By Mike Hitchen Consulting - the consultancy that puts principles before profits.

A goal statement is helpful in clarifying why the training is being staged. A goal is measurable and show how success of the program will be evaluated.

What exactly is a goal statement? A goal statement is a statement that indicates the intended result of training intervention. It is composed of three parts. Below are some examples:

An indicator as change in direction

* Increase
* Eliminate
* Remove
* Improve
* Reduce

An indicator of the measurable feature that will be changed

* Errors, mistakes, breakdowns
* Delivery rate, time
* Customer complaints
* Production
* Turnaround time

The process or work area in which the change will occur

* Safety incident
* Processing orders
* Repair maintenance
* Communication between groups.

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Mike Hitchen
Mike Hitchen Consulting