Thursday, November 10, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

My final post of today concerns a product in the colours of the Aboriginal flag, and as the majority of readers are likely to be unfamiliar with the flag, I have decided to use it instead of my usual "local" photograph.

I always love initiative shown by young people, especially when they are marketing a product, service, or message to their peer group.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) carries an article (photo included) on young Aboriginal people at Mildura in north-western Victoria, who have designed Snake condoms in the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

They have been rewarded for their initiative by winning a public health award recognising their success in improving safe sex practices among young Indigenous people.

The condoms are distributed by 40 Indigenous peer sellers trained in sexual health messages.

Tomorrow I will be receiving some medical treatment and I am not sure yet how it may affect me. Knowing the way things work in the hospital system here, I can not even be sure what time I may be back at my desk!

In the meantime...

...Wherever you may be - be safe!