Monday, November 21, 2005

Aviation: I'm just stepping outside for a cigare....aaaagh!

Some mothers do have 'em, and I bet some wish they hadn't.

Sadrine Helene Sellies, aged 34, is one young lady who if she were my daughter, would make me want to wear a sign saying, "She's not mine - never seen her before in my life".

In a Brisbane court today, Sadrine was charged with trying to open the door of a passenger plane in mid flight, so she could have a cigarette.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the drunken woman was seen heading towards one of the emergency exits with an unlit cigarette and a lighter. She then began fiddling the door. Fortunately she was spotted and taken back to her seat.

Upon landing she was met by Australian Federal Police, arrested and charged. The magistrate told her, "You must understand if you are on a plane you must behave yourself." He imposed a $1000 good behaviour bond for 12 months.