Monday, October 17, 2005

Sudan: More to Sudan than Darfur

It seems that Sudan is constantly in the news these days with most of the media attention being focused on Darfur, and the numerous but worthless peace talks, agreements and pacts.

However, there are other issues that do not attract "off-the-rack" media attention and one such issue is covered in an excellent article written by Noel King. The article is published on the Voice Of America website and is called, "Alcohol Production Highlights Division Between North and South Sudan".

Quote: "Life is difficult in northern Sudan for southern Sudanese displaced by civil war. Many have little or no education, and most cannot find decent jobs. Brewing alcohol in their homes is one way southern Sudanese women earn money to support their families. But they also risk arrest, because liquor is illegal under Sudan's strict Islamic law. The mostly Christian southerners feel they should not have to obey Islamic law."

The article is well worth reading for those who wish to find out more about Sudan than is generally shown in the more popular media.