Tuesday, October 18, 2005

International Development: North Korea's "Unification Bread"

I love stories like this from the Joong Ang Daily, that never get the same media coverage as the off-the-shelf, shock-horror stories so beloved by the media.

A bread factory established in North Korea by the South's Korea Welfare Foundation has been providing 5,000 buns with red bean stuffing daily to children at 10 kindergartens and orphanages near the famine-stricken country's capital Pyongyang.

The buns are named "Unification Bread." and the factory is called, "The Unification Bread Factory". All the equipment was donated by South Korean food maker, Samlip Corporation with ingredients provided by sponsors of the foundation. Previously the children were eating powdered milk.

The Korea Welfare Foundation also supports 14 nurseries and a hospital in the North.

According to their website, KWF has its roots in Christian Children's Fund (CCF) that started its support from 1948 in Korea. As a field office of CCF, CCF continued to work for 38 years until 1986. CCF Korea field office become independent of support and became started to work as a Korean organization named Korea Children’s Foundation (KCF). In July 1994, KCF changed its name to Korea Welfare Foundation.