Monday, October 31, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

For those of you who were interested in last nights closing post regarding Sydney's child care "crisis", a new solution is being proposed by the Federal Government.

Sole parents entering the job market under the Government's highly controversial welfare-to-work regime, will be recruited to train as home-based child-care workers.

The idea is that not only will this provide employment to sole parents, it will also ease the shortage of family day-care workers. In addition, it is claimed it will also solve the problem of after-school child care for sole parents, who from next July will be compelled to look for work when their youngest child turns six. It is estimated that some single parents with one child will lose $92 a week by being forced on to the lower paid "Newstart" allowance for job seekers.

On a lighter note, there will be no posting during the afternoon. Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup Day - the "race that stops a nation". It's a bit hard for me to have a Melbourne Cup office party as there is only one of me in Australia, (also makes office Christmas parties rather boring), but like everyone else, I will be watching the race. The morning and evening sessions should be unaffected.

Wherever you may be - be safe!

Photo: Stanwell Park outside Sydney. A popular plice for hang-gliders. Again, this was taken from a moving train.