Sunday, October 30, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

I finish tonight with a story that may interest working mums - child care. I would also welcome feedback on the situation in other countries.

As the cost of child care in Sydney has now topped $100 per day, (one family estimates it will cost them $50,000 a year to place their three children in child care), a new boom industry has emerged - black-market nannies.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that families can pay a nanny $15 an hour by finding one through their local paper and negotiating a fee, instead of $20 an hour if they hire through an agency. Not only do they save on the hourly wage but also avoid paying superannuation, sick leave, holiday leave and insurance protection. Au Pairs are seen as an even cheaper option.

The "black-market" industry is estimated to be worth $6 billion.

Till tomorrow...

...wherever you may be - be safe!

Photo: Como, a Sydney suburb as seen from a train