Saturday, October 29, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

I am doing something a little unusual tonight - I am including TWO photographs in my final post. Who said I was predictable!

The one is pretty obvious, a Sydney street scene taken last Thursday lunchtime. The second is a bit more of a mystery.

It was taken through the window of a moving train and although other photographs during the journey came out fine, this one did not. What I did wrong I have no idea, although it does look kind of pretty in a contemporary art sort of way. Then I realised I hadn't done anything wrong. The camera saw what my eyes could not.

An enchanted forest.

Yes siree, that's what it is. That orangey thing at the bottom of the photograph is in fact a secret door. On the other side of the door is a land where all the people are smiling. They smile because they don't constantly complain about issues they don't have the qualifications or education to understand, spurred on by talk back radio and tabloid press.

They don't whine about the cost of tolls on new tunnels that they wanted built in the first bloody place. They see no reason to complain about trains being a few minutes late and traffic jams in a city of over four million people.

They see nothing wrong with employers wanting them to actually work instead of taking several different kinds of leave, or staying away from work because poor little Johnny has broken a fingernail and has to be taken to a counsellor to get over the trauma - after mummy has seen her lawyer of course, because someone else is obviously to blame.

A land where having stepped through the door, a little girl turns to her scruffy little dog and says, "I've A Feeling We're Not In Sydney Anymore Toto"

Wherever you may be - be safe!